2014 College Baseball

For the first time in a dozen years I will not be updating SEBaseball.com's Baseball Central or Ranks and Ratings Blog. Like many fans I will miss Mark's site, but like the publisher I find less time to devote to it. This "Baseball Central Lite" site will serve as an index to some of the things worth keeping - the reporting programs don't get tired and uploading to this site takes much less of my time than the Rivals process did. This page will serve as an index to reference material and the odd article. Consider it a "work in progress."

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Primary sources for material found here or related to that found here are:

Scores and schedules: D1baseball.com
Ratings: Boydsworld.com
29 January, 2014The 2014 Schedule
Despite being larger, the field is more connected than 2013's.
(updated 5 Feb)
Conference Changes for 2014
22 February, 2014Too Early Ratings
Numbers and graphs for those who can't wait.
2 March, 2014Reading Ratings
Ratings published here and legends for the standard reporting
14 March, 2014The Directed Games Graph
Looking at ratings systems' "skeleton."
31 March, 2014Getting Down to Business
A "nitty gritty" report.
Updated 21 April 2014
27 May, 2014Rating the Regional Field
Toughest regionals? Depends upon perspective.
29 May, 2014Accidental Bracketology
Comparing the field to committee criteria.
11 Jun, 2014Regular Season Scoring
BBCOR and the New RPI
14 Jun, 2014Regular Season Scoring Trends
How scoring has changed during the super-regional era.
Reference What once might've been found on the agate type page in the Sports Section if your newspaper had covered college baseball like it did football or basketball.
Rankings and Ratings