2016 College Baseball

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Scores and schedules: D1baseball.com
Ratings: Boydsworld.com;
College Baseball Ranking Composite at Massey Ratings
Composites by different algorithms
Rating Ranks including composites, in increasing RRV order
Rank Correlations

10 January 2016Updates for 2016
New reporting format
24 January 2016State of the Schedules 2016
The annual analysis of schedule topology.
7 February 2016Round Robins and Elmer's
Schedule topology from the inside out.
8 March 2016Scoring in 2016
Bat and Ball seem right, and free baseball is fun!
27 March 2016Computer Rankings Analysis
What if "voters" were objective?
6 April 2016Human Rankings Analysis
Metrics on subjective rankings
1 Jul 2016Post-Season Scoring and Results History
Scoring trends and team and confeerence post-season results, including interconference records for the 64-team era/
Reference What once might've been found on the agate type page in the Sports Section if your newspaper had covered college baseball like it did football or basketball.
Rankings and Ratings
  • ISR
    Boyd Nation's Iterative Strength Rating
  • ISOV
    A "pure points" variation of the ISR.

  • Normalized Scoring (based upon ISOV)
    Scoring adjusted for strength of schedule

  • Metrics on the Directed Games Graph
    These are not "ratings", but these pages make it easier to view the game results the same way computer ratings do.
    Second Order Winning Percentage (directed series graph)
    Links to pages that show all of the shortest A beat B beat ... chains from one team to every other team for which such a chain exists.
    Directed Games Graph
    Analysis of all A→B→... chains up to the radius of the DGG. It is ordered by how a team's "view" of itself compares to all other teams.

2016 pre-season material

Presumed SoS
Overall and non-conference schedule strength based upon opponents' 2015 ISR values. This year I also include the median opponents' 2015 ISR rank, also for the overall and non-conference schedules.


Archived data from the 2014 season.

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